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By replying #Yeshonda :

  1. You irrevocably grant permission for Honda and its group companies, agents and associates to use the Content in perpetuity and worldwide, for commercial use in any and all media, including (without limitation) print and digital brochures, retail store graphics, press articles, offline and online advertising, paid media, social media, print media, emails, websites, digital screens, internal and external events, film, video, cable and broadcast television and the Internet.
  2. You agree Honda and its group companies, agents and associates do not have to credit the Content to you, unless otherwise agreed in writing outside of these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Honda may edit, change or alter the Content as it deems necessary, without your approval.
  4. You accept that there will be no form of payment made to you or to a third party, for use of the Content.
  5. You agree that you may not subsequently withdraw your permission for Honda’s use of the Content, except for reasons of compliance with data protection laws where personal data may be removed upon request.
  6. By giving Honda permission to use the Content, you represent and warrant to Honda that:

(a)  you are the owner of the Content including all ideas, images, text, and intellectual property rights embodied in the Content, or if you are not the owner of such rights, you have already obtained permission from the owner of such rights and have the authority to grant Honda permission to use the Content as provided in these Terms and Conditions;

(b) you have obtained the consent of any and every person giving a performance as part of the Content, and that neither you nor any third party shall assert any moral right in a manner inconsistent with the rights you grant to Honda to use the Content as provided in these Terms and Conditions;

(c) nothing in the Content is likely to be considered defamatory, obscene, or threatening to any third party; and

(d) you are over the age of 18 and have the right to enter into this agreement.

7.  The Content may contain information about you or identifiable individuals which constitutes personal data under applicable laws. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you give your consent to the processing of such personal data by [Honda] for the purposes set out herein.

8. Where any personal data relating to any other person appears in the Content you warrant that you also have obtained their consent for the processing of such personal data.

9. Honda will process personal data included in the Content or otherwise provided to us in connection with our use of the Content in accordance with all applicable data protection laws and our privacy policy available here:

[Privacy Notice | Official Website | Honda DE].

By replying #Yeshonda you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understand, and agree to the above Terms and Conditions

Data retention

Your data will be retained by Honda and Story Stream for compliance reason for 7 years from the date you reply #yeshonda.


10. Honda is the Controller of your personal data and individuals can obtain further information or exercise any of their legal rights by contacting

Story Stream also engages service providers to assist with the processing of personal data, including Qubeeo Ltd. (trading as Story Stream), located in the UK which provides content curation, hosting, showcasing, and analytics services.