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Ürün güncelleme kampanyaları olası güvenlik problemlerini azalttığı gibi, aracınızın uzun dönemde kalitesini artırarak değerini koruması açısından da önem taşır. Bilgilerinizi girerek ürün güncelleme kampanyanız olup olmadığını görebilirsiniz.

What is a recall?

A recall is announced because a manufacturer has concerns about a potential safety-related defect. This might be due to a feature, the design or the construction of a vehicle, and which is liable to cause significant risk of injury to the driver or occupants of a vehicle, or to other road users.

What is a product update?

Product updates are not safety related. As technology improves, there may be instances where a manufacturer has developed new components or processes that will help to enhance the overall quality of a vehicle.


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